THA No Poo Recipe

THA No Poo Recipe


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It is a healthier and 100% natural alternative for shampoo. It cleans, moisturizes and gives volume to the hair without stripping its natural oils. It is recommended for all hair types and highly recommended for cases of dandruff and naturally/chemically dyed hair.


It’s made of 100% pure, natural, organic hand-picked sidr leaves that are properly cultivated and dried at optimal temperature to preserve its active ingredients.

*What are the benefits of Sidr Powder?*

  • It cleans the hair without stripping it from its natural oils hence leaving the hair voluminous
  • it moisturizes and it acts like a conditioner thanks to the high percentage of mucilage
  • it has a de-inflammatory effect and it soothes itchy and sore scalp
  • it’s anti-dandruff
  • it makes your scalp healthier hence promoting hair growth
  • it helps prevent hair color wash-out (natural & chemical)

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