The Hair Addict Pure Henna 250gm

The Hair Addict Pure Henna 250gm


For naturally coloring and reinforcing hair

100% fine sifted Lawsonia inermis (Henna) Leaves

Our Pure Henna supplies a subtle red tint, a powerful antifungal for a healthier scalp, in addition to strengthening and thickening the hair shaft.

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Nourishing & Natural Hair Colorant

Henna is a safe and natural hair colorant that has been used for thousands of years for the benefits it holds and will surely get you hooked up too! Our Pure Henna is carefully cultivated, picked, and ground into a fine-sift powder for better mixing, rinsing, and color depositing. Its main unique ingredient, Lawsone, serves various advantages such as eliminating dandruff, minimizing breakage, and stimulating hair growth.

Suitable for all hair types and ages. Suitable for use on chemically dyed hair.

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